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Potty Training Tips for Your Puppy in 2020

With the new year underway, i think it’s time we have a serious talk about your puppy and the best way to start training potty training your puppy. It’s all fun and games when they first come home, and now that you’re stuck in the house because of the colder weather, it’s time that you took potty training your puppy a little more seriously. Don’t feel bad because we all get a little lax during the holidays. The important thing is that your puppy starts potty training asap. Have you given any thought to how you want to go about your puppy training? If not, we have you covered with our 3 best puppy training tips for 2020.

Puppy training tip #1: set a schedule

The best thing for new puppy parents to do when potty training is to set your puppy on a schedule for when they can and cannot use the bathroom. You have to stay as consistent as possible if you have any chance of the training to stick. This means waking up at the same time each day to take them out, taking them out after each meal, taking them out before you leave the house, and taking them out before bedtime. The more that you keep your puppy on the schedule, the more likely it is that he will be trained quickly and there will be less messes to clean up.

Puppy training tip #2: choose a good puppy training location

Choosing a good puppy training location is incredibly important when potty training your puppy because it helps to assert the importance of not going wherever they please. When inside the house, you can use potty training pads to help reinforce which places are okay to use when your puppy is not able to immediately go outside.

Additionally, when your puppy does go outside, you want to try to keep them going in the same area for consistency’s sake. This means putting your puppy on a leash for at least the first few months, even if the backyard is fenced in, so that you can establish your expectations between you and your pet. Take them to the exact same spot each time, so that they will associate this area with being the official potty-training spot that they should use every time they go to the restroom. They may try to give a little pushback, but stand firm and make them use it in the same area.

Puppy training tip #3: provide positive reassurance

The final puppy training tip is to provide positive reassurance to your puppy when they do things correctly. Because they are still learning, the best way to get them to learn quickly is by providing them with a reward for when they do a behavior that you approve of. For example, when your puppy uses the bathroom on a puppy pad, you should reward him by providing him with a treat and lots of praise to show your appreciation for doing the right thing. In time, he will associate the behavior with treats and will continue to do it more often. Just make sure that you keep the training treats on standby!

Now you have your top three tips for puppy training that you can use to get your puppy potty trained in no time. If you need some help, through the leash helps pet owners just like you learn how to best train their puppies. Operating in miami, fort lauderdale, cleveland, akron, and charlotte, our top trainers are ready to help you create an effective training program to solidify the bond between you and your best friend.  Click the link below to schedule your consultation today.

For more helpful tips about your puppy check out the video below!

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