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Our Mission

Training the dog is the easy part,
we specialize in training the human!

Our goal is not only to train better dogs, but to foster the connections between dogs and their humans. That’s why all of our programs begin at home. In fostering this connection and training where they live, eat, sleep, and play, we are able to transition to the real world with much greater success.

We understand every dog is different as well as their owners. To avoid cookie-cutter approaches, we customize every program to fit the needs of our clients, be they person or pup. Our mission is to teach you and your dog how to communicate with one another on a personal and individual level, because no two dogs, or people, are ever the same.

Our Approach

It all starts with communication !

Like every team of dog trainers, we have an approach all of our own. No dog speaks English, so it’s important to find ways to communicate with them that they understand. We believe in starting with a leash and training collar because we know our puppy pals communicate primarily through touch, tone, and body language. This allows us to establish a line of communication that they can naturally understand.

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Last Wag Foundation

Through The Leash community outreach isn’t about dog training… it’s a movement !

The goal of Through The Leash community outreach is to establish a nationwide network of shelters, fosters, rescues and rescuers who truly understand dogs, dog owners, and the needs of both.

Through the effort of our team, and the education and training of dog owners we can save the lives of so many!


Cleveland/Akron, OH

Cleveland/Akron, OH

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Last Wag Foundation

Through the Leash is leading the pack when it comes to giving back.

Coming together as a community to save the lives of many The Last Wag was born due to the heartbreaking number of dogs that are being needlessly destroyed in the USA daily. Our goal is to save as many dogs as possible by providing much needed training and education to shelters, rescues , and to our community. Approximately 56% of dogs that enter shelters are euthanized each year. This does not take into account any of the dogs affiliated with individual rescue organizations that are running into the same result. Most of these dogs are deemed adoptable, but unfortunately, they just run out of time because we have not properly educated ourselves on how we can prevent this happening time after time again to our canine counterparts. Our goal is to assist our shelters and rescues in connecting experienced behaviorists. When these dogs are saved from the euthanization table they will go through a rehabilitation program and be placed into a new home with a loving family who will then be educated by the behaviorist. They will have access to the behaviorist for the lifetime of their new canine counterpart, with much help and guidance through their new journey together! Save a Life Today!

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We just started our training with PJ and it is going awesome! He has taught my husband and myself so much about my dogs behavior and how to handle her. He is very patient with us and we are seeing great results I can’t wait to continue to see her progress. So glad they are in Charlotte now.

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