Above all else, what’s most important to us is client satisfaction. Take a moment to view our live review feed to hear about our through the leash success stories!

Alex Thompson

Very thankful that I had Marti as my trainer. She was very patient with me when learning how to properly handle my leash to communicate with my dog. Since I have completed the program my dog is on and off leash trained. Now he’s able to travel with me wherever I go, and I love it.

Kyle Snyder

My dog Bruno has worked with both PJ and John, both are very knowledgeable and very patient. Your dog and you will both learn through the training. It’s a great opportunity to change you and your dogs life.

Clark Campbell

Through the leash training helped my dog to become a very well trained and cooperative dog. Since putting my dog through this process he has not given me any problems and he listens very well. Pj is very persistent and was a great help every step of the way.

Kim Heinen

John was awesome! He started training my puppy when she was 8 weeks old and by 3-4 months she was walking off leash in the neighborhood, parks, etc. Their approach to focusing in on communicating with your dog is the key to success. My dog is 9 months old now and people stop to ask how she is such a great trained dog all the time. I can not recommend John and the team enough!

Jasmine Ivory

My experience was the best! My pup (Lexi) was stubborn and hard-headed before working with these two. Pj was so patient and genuinely caring when working with her, you would've though that she was apart of his family:) Lexi is such a pleasure to be around now; no more nipping at everything and ignoring my commands. Thank you Through the leash for taking the time to teach me (and Lexi) how to communicate with one another!

Saffron Rivett

So happy to have found Through the Leash! PJ and Matt were amazing during our first session, teaching us leash articulation to better communicate with our dog. Couldn't ask for anyone better during this training process!

Colin Mccloskey

Training is straightforward yet comprehensive. John got our 11 week old pup to listen in about 10 minutes. Looking forward to obtaining these skills!

Alison At

4 paws up! We are seeing results with our sweet, but bad mannered, mutt after only one session. John is great and training packages are of great value!