Leash Training

Leash Training Your Dog

Just walking through the park or down the street shows you why leash training your dog is so important. Think about it like this. As much as we love our furry companions, everyone doesn’t share the same sentiment. Therefore, it’s increasingly important to implement leash training quickly in you and your puppy’s relationship. In fact, there are several reasons that dog training with a leash can help you in the long run. Keep reading to learn about the top reasons that leash training is so important. The last one might actually surprise you.

Leash Training Reason #1: Dog Leash Training Can Save Your Dog’s Life

Think about when you first go outside to go for a walk. You can even take it a step further and think about when you and your dog go anywhere new. Does your pup not get overly excited at the prospect of going somewhere other than in the backyard or in the kennel? of course it does. Knowing that, it’s easy for them to just run off when you get into new or exciting situations—which could very well be into the street. You can prevent this by taking the time to properly go through leash training techniques so that your dog will know what to do when you all go out.

Leash Training Reason #2: Dog Leash Training Helps You Remain in Control

There’s no question that leash training your dog gives you more power as owner. Instead of having to go through a negotiation period with getting your dog to obey a command, leash training helps you to get your dog in the correct mindset to behave accordingly. While it will take some patience to get your dog to cooperate, it is well worth the wait for you to have the ability to take your dog anywhere and it instantly reacts when you give it a command.

Leash Training Reason #3: It Keeps You in the Good Graces of Others

Because we love our dogs so much, it’s easy for our judgment to be clouded when it comes to our dogs being able to do anything wrong. For example, just because you don’t your dog playing in your yard, that does not mean that your neighbors want spot in their rose bushes. Keeping you dog on a leash shows other people that your are fully accountable for your dog and its actions, and that you are responsible enough to only allow your dog to what you permit.

Leash Training Reason #4: It Can Keep Your Dog Stay Healthy

When you allow your dog to roam freely, it is more likely to get into something that can potentially cause it harm like contaminated water, old trash, etc. When you have your dog on a leash, you’re better able to protect it from these types of environmental hazards.

There you have your four reasons why dog leash training is so important. What are some of the reasons that you think other dog parents should take the time to properly implement leash training? We’d love to hear about it in the comments, or to get started with leash training, fill out the contact form below!

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