Brandy Smith

Hey all! My name is Brandy Smith and I am a Trainer located in the South Florida area. I have over 15 years experience training dogs, including 10 years of experience as an Explosives Detection Canine Handler for the United States Department of Homeland Security. Prior to that I worked for a private canine company for over 4 years training dogs in various scent detections such as arson, termites, mold, bed bugs and indigo snakes. I have a degree in Criminology from the University of Florida and my passion has always been working with dogs. A few years ago I suffered a traumatic dog bite experience. This experience made me want to work with dogs and humans even more so that those types of situations do not occur to others. Being able to help dogs and owners establish an effective line of communication and stable pack structure is very rewarding for me. I remain grateful every day. I hope to be able to work with you and your pup soon!