Taijon Duverger

Hello there! My name is Taijon Duverger, a trainer currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in South Florida surrounded by an abundance of cultural influences. This vibrancy all around me helped cement a deeply rooted passion of entrepreneurship through being of service to my community. I’ve had the opportunities to explore this passion in all different aspects ranging from music and film to finance, while studying Communications at Florida International University. My dog training journey started when my family met Static, an Australian Cattle dog rescue that was a gift in disguise. While training Static I quickly uncovered a passion for obedience and service work, realizing that cultivating our connection with dogs began with our communication. Joining the Through The Leash team has taken my training skills to the next level, where I am surrounded by compassionate and invigorating leaders. Together, we continue to enrich the relationships between humans and their companions. When I am not training dogs, I continue to be a lifelong learner through trading the markets, playing basketball, and exploring the world with my family. I look forward to being of service to the Atlanta community, creating bonds with families based on respect and compassion.