Maria Kambouris

Hi, my name is Maria and I’m a Through the Leash canine coach located in the Charlotte, NC area. My passions are biology, art, and research. I obtained a B.S. in Biology with a pre-med focus from UNC-Wilmington. I love saving the lives of so many animals daily. To understand the way that a dog thinks which directly correlates to the way that they behave, and then to be able to teach them to be confident and trusting of their owners is an amazing feeling. I love the different experiences that I have with each dog and then applying my knowledge to help solve the issues that you may be having with your pup. Throughout the past few years, I struggled over whether I wanted to pursue a career helping people or animals. I joined Through the Leash so I could help both. Our dogs need us to provide structure in their daily lives so they can thrive under any circumstances. I would love to help you and your dog build that bond together!

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