THE BIG PICTURE: Coming together as a community to save the lives of many.

The Last Wag was born due to the heartbreaking number of dogs that are being needlessly destroyed in the USA daily. Our goal is to save as many dogs as possible by providing much needed training and education to shelters, rescues, and to our community. Approximately 56% of dogs that enter shelters are euthanized each year. This does not take into account any of the dogs affiliated with individual rescue organizations that are running into the same result. Most of these dogs are deemed adoptable, but unfortunately, they just run out of time because we have not properly educated ourselves on how we can prevent this happening time after time again to our canine counterparts. Our goal is to assist our shelters and rescues in connecting experienced behaviorists. When these dogs are saved from the euthanization table they will go through a rehabilitation program and be placed into a new home with a loving family who will then be educated by the behaviorist. They will have access to the behaviorist for the lifetime of their new canine counterpart, with much help and guidance through their new journey together! Save a Life Today!

Last Wag Foundation

One of a Kind Pet Rescue


Shelter, Rescue, & Boarding Facilities

Last Wag Workshops

We offer Through the Leash enrichment programs at your organization. Our workshops are designed to teach your staff and volunteers how to handle the dogs in your facility on a daily basis.

We will conduct an individual assessment of each of your shelter dogs, teach your crew the proper way to move dogs throughout the facility, how to provide enrichment within the kennel, grouping or color-coding dogs based on temperament, and most importantly how to implement a universal line of communication understood by your staff, and dogs, alike.

The size of your staff and the number of dogs in your facility will determine the number of days we spend on-site!

Last Wag Adviserships

We offer Through the Leash Adviserships to shelter personnel and volunteers. The focus is, and will always be, working with shelter animals.

By increasing the understanding of canine behavior, the effects of sheltering, and how to communicate with our counterparts we can enhance the quality of life for those dogs in care, and save lives!

Our adviserships focus on the implementation of daily playgroups, and teaching boundaries and manners through a structured kennel program, and maybe most importantly, leash etiquette.